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ActInSpace Success Stories || An international innovation contest lead by CNES and ESA

Success stories

Our commitment to the grains planted during ActInSpace is often rewarded with the success of these new companies and structures. We are very proud to present a comprehensive list of the companies who’ve been part of ActInSpace 2014 or 2016, and who’ve made it since. These, are our success stories.

Logo of IT-SEAL
Logo of Ethr
Logo of Sky AI
Logo of Starwear
Logo of Ezako
Logo of Lekooa
Logo of O'Sol
Logo of Made In Plan
Logo of Kermap
Logo of Hypermiles
Logo of Quanta & Qualia / MaGOS
Logo of Wright Technologies
Logo of Lycie
Logo of Leviathan Space Industries
Logo of Greenvest
Logo of La Telescop
Logo of X - Fabric
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Posted on September 19, 2019
ActInSpace® 2020 kicks off at Paris Air Show
Posted on June 18, 2019
Press release: Winners of the #ActInSpace® 2018 edition
Posted on July 6, 2018
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