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ActInSpace Lithuania || An international innovation contest lead by CNES and ESA

- Vilnius -

Welcome to ActInSpace Lithuania 2022!

The Lithuanian winner of the ActInSpace 2022 hackathon is Team “LEOstop”. They were working on the challenge "CNES - CHALLENGE N°14"Invent public services for space“.

The very vast majority of satellites has onboard its own propellant to feed its thrusters for orbital manoeuvers and orbit corrections, its own onboard equipments to generate and store electrical power (solar panels, batteries), to process and store data from its sensors (processors and memory banks), … All this leads to a non-optimal situation where each space object (like an explorer in the desert) has onboard all the required resources for its entire lifespan.

In-Orbit Refueling Service
In-orbit public services space station (HUB), which would refuel and recharge client's satellites, that would already be in-orbit. As side services, it would also offer in-orbit communication and nano-satellite deployment services. In order to provide for more satellites, the HUB would be capable of adjusting its orbital orientation, using a thruster.

ActInSpace is a unique opportunity for participants worldwide to work on creating business prospectives for the challenges by the use of patents, technologies and satellite data made available by CNES, ESA and all our partners to create new and innovative start-ups.

The challenges are based on high-level technologies, which nevertheless are easy to re-use because they have been selected due to their potential for commercial applications.

Visoriai Information Technology Park will host ActInSpace for the second time in Lithuania. It will be held on 18th – 19th of November. Venue: Visoriai Information Technology Park (Mokslininkų str. 2a, Vilnius). Participants will be coached, advised and encouraged by technical and business experts to transform ideas into a winning business concepts in just 24 hours hackathon. 

The ActInSpace Lithuania team - winner - will participate in the International final in Cannes with chances to win amazing prizes.

The space innovations will transform the world in the coming decade. This is your chance to unleash your entrepreneurial potential and be a part of “space renaissance”!

Reserve your place not later than 18th of November here: 


ActInSpace® – tai tarptautinis  vienu metu 40 šalių vyksiantis kosmoso inovacijų hakatonas, kurį organizuoja Aerospace Valley kartu su ESA (Europos kosmoso agentūra), ESA Space Solutions ir CNES (Prancūzų kosmoso agentūra). Jo tikslas - skatinti ieškoti naujų verslo galimybių kosmoso srityje. Jo metu turėsite unikalią galimybę dirbti su CNES, ESA patentais, Airbus ir kitų tarptautinių partnerių užduotimis, technologijomis ir duomenimis.

Lietuvoje šis hakatonas vyks Visorių informacinių technologijų parke, Mokslininkų g. 2a, Vilniuje, lapkričio 18-19 d.

Renginio metu komandos turės 24 val. išspręsti tarptautinių partnerių pateiktus iššūkius ir idėjas paversti konkurencingomis verslo koncepcijomis.


Komandoje gali būti nuo 2 iki 5 narių. Registruokitės iki lapkričio 18 d.:


Komandos gali rinktis iš plataus iššūkių spektro: #Agriculture, #Aviation, #Communications, #Dataplatform, #Drone, #Engineering, #Energy, #Entertainment, #Environment, #Finance, #Health, #Industry, #Infrastructure, #Launchers, #Logistics, #Maritime, #Safety, #SatSubsystems

Nuoroda į iššūkius:


Lietuvos prizai:

  • Kelialapis į tarptautinį finalą Kanuose atstovauti Lietuvą
  • Skrydžio bilietai (viena nakvyne ir maitinimu pasirūpins prancūzai)

Tarptautiniai prizai:

  • Grand International Prize - neįtikėtinas nulinės gravitacijos skrydis Airbus A310 Zero G
  • Airbus, EBAN Space, Sopra Steria ir kt. partnerių prizai

Tarptautiniai renginio rėmėjai: Airbus, Air Liquide, AirZeroG, EBAN Space, ESSP, EUSPA, Sopra Steria ir kt.

Organizatorius Lietuvoje: Visorių informacinių technologijų parkas
Rėmėjai: NanoAvionics ir Critical Security
Partneriai: Lietuvos kosmoso technologijų klasteris, Vilnius 700.

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Event's organizers

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ActInSpace's prizes in Lithuania

Win your ticket for the International Final!

The ActInSpace Lithuania winner will get a ticket to the International Final, including travel costs and consultations to prepare the winning pitch.

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About the event


KICK-OFF. November 18 (Friday), 13:00 13:30 Welcoming message & competition rules

CHECK-POINT #1. November 18 (Friday), 13:30 15:00  Intro of mentors and teams

HACKATHON. November 18 (Friday), 15:00 November 19 (Saturday), 15:00  Working in teams with help of mentors (duration: 24 hours)

CHECK-POINT #2. November 19 (Saturday), 10:00 - 10:30  Pitch tips, rules & teams progress updates.

PITCH in front of the jury. November 19 (Saturday), 15:00 - 16:30 Team pitch in front of the jury. 5-8 minutes for each team & Q&A with the jury 5 min for each team. 

AWARD ceremony. November 19 (Saturday), 17:00 - 18:00  Award ceremony.


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