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ActInSpace Challenges || An international innovation contest lead by CNES and ESA

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Welcome on the challenge page!

A label has been attributed to each challenge #AIS-IN or #AIS-OFF. Pay attention to this label.

If you’d like a chance to win the Grand Prize, or some of the partner prizes targeting entrepreneurial projects, our advise is to choose a challenge with the #AIS-IN label.
If you'd like to have fun, change the world or want to win some of the partner prizes not strictly targeting entrepreneurial projects: Challenges with the #AIS-OFF label are made for you.

Keep in mind that the classification of the challenges is just there to help you, it’s just an indication… Be imaginative, nothing is impossible with an open mind and the best projects might be hiding in the #AIS-OFF label !



#AIS-IN: Challenge with a high business potential

#AIS-OFF: Challenge with a low business potential

More explanation regarding the other tags:

#Patent: Challenge based on CNES or ESA Patent

#Data: Challenge based on satellite data (Pleiades, Sentinel, etc…)

If you want to narrow down your search, these tags will help you:

#EarthObservation #Satellite #Navigation(GNSS) #Drone #Balloon #SpaceOperation #Optical #Electronics #ImageProcessing #Materials #Robotic #BigData #ArtificialIntelligence #InternetOfThings #Moon #Mars #ISS #Exploration #SpaceExperiment #Ecology #Health #Science #Software #Data #Patent #GeoMarketing #Agriculture #Copernicus #3DPrinting #Manufacturing #Structure #Civil-MilitaryTechnology #Telecommunications #Launchers

Every Day Life Business
AIRBUS01 - Regular high resolution satellite imagery of cities available on the cloud
- by Airbus
Improving quality of life in urban areas with Earth Observation satellite data
AIRBUS02 - Let's use Artificial Intelligence to develop new applications from Earth Observation data
Leveraging the power of Earth observation and open sources data via Machine Learning
AIRBUS03 - Autonomous Robotic System for new Space Servicing Business
- by Airbus
Intelligence for Robotics Space servicing
AIRBUS04 - Create new concepts of small satellites or payloads for Airbus satellites and drones
- by Airbus
Invent the future of small satellites or new payloads for Airbus satellites & drones
AIRBUS05 - Use Airbus Science Box or Bartolomeo Module to develop your project
Invent future experiments or commercial uses for the International Space Station
BSA01 - BalticSatApps
- by BalticSatApps
Boosting your business with open satellite data
CLS01 - Use Argos tags to track and protect wildlife
- by CLS
Wildlife under threat! How can we protect endangered species?
CLS02 - Argos new generation: connecting planet
- by CLS
New Argos: New challenges!
CLS03 - Low impact travel: make cruising greener than travelling
- by CLS
Reduce the environmental impact of maritime traffic using the AIS satellite!
CNES-CERTH01 - Develop an application for automated flooded area mapping in wetlands
To be Flooded or not to be Flooded : EO will tell!
CNES01 - Determine one’s position accurately and reliably anywhere on the surface of the Earth
- by CNES
Breadcrumbs 4.0: Swapping breadcrumbs for drones
CNES02 - Dynamic StreetView images displaying conditions in real time
- by CNES
You’ve never seen a street view like this one!
CNES03 - Design a robust positioning system that combines collaboration and hybridization
- by CNES
A Smart Grid for autonomous vehicles!
CNES04 - Guarantee the authenticity of a product in time and space with a tamper-proof number
- by CNES
The tamper-proof "Birth Certificate"
CNES05 - Electromagnetic wave vibrations to measure temperature
- by CNES
Temperature probes shake up science
CNES06 - Infrared cameras and a dynamic polariser for observing stars in daylight.
- by CNES
Follow the stars from day to day!
CNES07 - Taking acquisition and decompression noise into account for perfect restitution.
- by CNES
Decompress without stress!
CNES08 - Very high resolution hyperspectral drones
- by CNES
Eagle-eyed UAVs
CNES09 - MUST: Massive Users Satellite Tasking / Bidding system for programming Satellite
- by CNES
Going once, going twice, sold!
CNES10 - Kalman filter and predictive model for accurate measurement of human activities
- by CNES
Keep a faithful record of your physical activities!
CNES11 - Optical add-on for 3D pictures
- by CNES
The world through "3D-coloured" glasses !
CNES12 - System for detecting dense gatherings of people
- by CNES
Detect a crowd without overcrowding your mind!
CNES13 - Fair sharing against overbooking
- by CNES
Stop overbooking : don't be set aside !
CNES14 - Reduction in dazzle caused by reflections
- by CNES
Block unavoidable reflections !
CNES15 - Self Opening Structure
- by CNES
Bend over backwards to imagine a self-opening product
CNES16 - Localisation using mobile GNSS ARVA in the snow
- by CNES
More effective than an avalanche dog, a probe and an AVD
CNES17 - Fuse bolt providing impact-free, controlled separation
- by CNES
A gentle break-up!
CNES18 - Choice of telecommunications network
- by CNES
Make sure you have a reliable connection everywhere and at all times!
CNES19 - Automatic detection of abnormal behaviour
- by CNES
Collect data and anticipate situations, even the unexpected!
CNES20 - Collect data without electricity or network, even in crisis situation
- by CNES
Save life collecting data by satellite without electricity nor communication network by synchronised beacon in emergency crisis
CNES21 - Ecodrive algorithm
- by CNES
Drive smarter for better fuel efficiency!
CNES22 - Smart vehicles to scan the local environment in 3D mode
- by CNES
Robot companions to help you get a feel for the atmosphere
CNES23 - Evaluation of surface particle concentration
- by CNES
Scan the quality of your environment !
CNES24 - RFID sensor with high-speed data storage
- by CNES
IoT for chatty objects !
CNES25 - Ultra-thin inflatable structure
- by CNES
Blow up your balloon !
CNES26 - Chronometric flash for absolute dating and image synchronisation
- by CNES
Film, Flash, Synchronise: 3D!
CNES28 - Angled orbital mirrors to light up an area on request
- by CNES
Can you turn the light on please?
CNES29 - Aerial vehicles for airborne launch
- by CNES
From aircraft carriers to drone carriers!
CNES30 - Circular torsion bars for dynamic isolation of any circular structure
- by CNES
Set me free: I need a break from all this excitement!
CNES32 - Develop an application for automated land co ver mapping applications
- by CNES
Pixelise Earth's surface... accurately !
COPERNICUS APP LAB - Develop a mobile app that assesses the "greeness" of European capitals
- by Copernicus AppLab
Use Copernicus and linked open data to compare the "greeness" of European capitals
DGA02 - Optical or other types of space surveillance (GEO, LEO, etc.)
- by DGA
Keeping an eye on space
DGA03 - Detecting changes for digital mapping
- by DGA
Are you sure you know where you’re going?
DGA04 - Help to identify ships
- by DGA
No place for ghost ships to hide!
DGA05 - Increase the autonomy of drones using balloons
- by DGA
Autonomy takes off!
ESA01 - Optical device for mapping a curved image field (EP2410358A1)
- by ESA
Medicine and telescopes are not so far apart!
ESA02 - Fast Precision Point Positioning (EP2689268A1)
- by ESA
Know precisely where you are, in a super fast manner
ESA03 - Advanced fluidic filter (EP3215253)
- by ESA
Filter pollutants easily!
ESA04 - Hybrid folded rectangular waveguide filter (EP3061150)
- by ESA
There are more than just Instagram and Snapchat filters
ESA05 - Method for additive manufacture of metal alloys (EP2855078)
- by ESA
Like salt & pepper, WIRES & LASERS belong together
ESA06 - Compression and decompression of time series data (EP2748929)
- by ESA
Let's try to zip those data
ESA07 - Low weight, compactly deployable support structure (EP2640643)
- by ESA
Do the magic and bring happiness with structures
ESA08 - Additive manufacturing system using focused light heating source (WO2014094882)
- by ESA
Print anything you want with just a light bulb
ESA09 - Method of processing positioning signals for indoor applications (EP1994423)
- by ESA
We know where you are, even indoors
ESA10 - Method and apparatus for analyzing time series data (EP2284769)
- by ESA
Do you love data, data, and more data?
FABSPACE02 - Create safe road-network for ice road truckers in winter
How to detect current safe ice roads and future predictions?
FabSpace03 - Can you develop smart services using Earth Observation Data?
- by FabSpace
Earth Monitoring using Machine Learning Techniques for the Extraction of Added-Value Information
GSA01 - The GNSS satellites selector
- by GSA
Use Galileo satellites !
GSA03 - Geocaching by satellites
- by GSA
Harmonie Mutuelle01 - Health monitoring with the personal assistant ‘Everywear’
- by Harmonie Mutuelle
Benefit from sophisticated health monitoring just like that of astronauts!
Harmonie Mutuelle02 - A service offer for standardised validation of medical sensors
- by Harmonie Mutuelle
Use e-health sensors recommended by the space clinic!
INVIVO-FabSpace01 - FabSpace and Invivo support innovative services for Agriculture Sustainability
EO & IoT in Artificial Intelligence Applications for Agriculture
INVIVO01 - Harvest forecasting in view of climate change, using satellite images
- by InVivo
After weather forecasts, farming forecasts!
INVIVO02 - Programming the most relevant renewable energies for a given region
- by InVivo
Space technology serving renewable energy
NSPOTaiwan02 - Application of global atmospheric observation
- by NSPO Taiwan
Innovative atmospheric data application
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