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ActInSpace Challenges || An international innovation contest lead by CNES and ESA

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Welcome on the challenge page!

A label has been attributed to each challenge #AIS-IN or #AIS-OFF. Pay attention to this label.

If you’d like a chance to win the Grand Prize, or some of the partner prizes targeting entrepreneurial projects, our advise is to choose a challenge with the #AIS-IN label.
If you'd like to have fun, change the world or want to win some of the partner prizes not strictly targeting entrepreneurial projects: Challenges with the #AIS-OFF label are made for you.

Keep in mind that the classification of the challenges is just there to help you, it’s just an indication… Be imaginative, nothing is impossible with an open mind and the best projects might be hiding in the #AIS-OFF label !



#AIS-IN: Challenge with a high business potential

#AIS-OFF: Challenge with a low business potential

More explanation regarding the other tags:

#Patent: Challenge based on CNES or ESA Patent

#Data: Challenge based on satellite data (Pleiades, Sentinel, etc…)

If you want to narrow down your search, these tags will help you:

#EarthObservation #Satellite #Navigation(GNSS) #Drone #Balloon #SpaceOperation #Optical #Electronics #ImageProcessing #Materials #Robotic #BigData #ArtificialIntelligence #InternetOfThings #Moon #Mars #ISS #Exploration #SpaceExperiment #Ecology #Health #Science #Software #Data #Patent #GeoMarketing #Agriculture #Copernicus #3DPrinting #Manufacturing #Structure #Civil-MilitaryTechnology #Telecommunications #Launchers

Be a NewSpace Actor #Space4.0
AIRBUS01 - Regular high resolution satellite imagery of cities available on the cloud
- by Airbus
Improving quality of life in urban areas with Earth Observation satellite data
AIRBUS02 - Let's use Artificial Intelligence to develop new applications from Earth Observation data
Leveraging the power of Earth observation and open sources data via Machine Learning
AIRBUS03 - Autonomous Robotic System for new Space Servicing Business
- by Airbus
Intelligence for Robotics Space servicing
AIRBUS04 - Create new concepts of small satellites or payloads for Airbus satellites and drones
- by Airbus
Invent the future of small satellites or new payloads for Airbus satellites & drones
AIRBUS05 - Use Airbus Science Box or Bartolomeo Module to develop your project
Invent future experiments or commercial uses for the International Space Station
AIRBUS06 - #Make Humanity Space Again
- by Airbus
Imagine an Interplanetary Exploration Program
ArianeGroup01 - Failure Is Not an Option
- by ArianeGroup
Computer-aided anomaly prevention, detection & decision support
CLS02 - Argos new generation: connecting planet
- by CLS
New Argos: New challenges!
CNES-AGS01 - Reconsider launcher operation using new technical capabilities
- by CNES-ArianeGroup
Space Launch 4.0
CNES-AGS02 - International Co-design with given legal restrictions
- by CNES-ArianeGroup
One World, One Mission
CNES27 - Invent an object that will accompany the next French astronaut aboard the ISS
- by CNES
Thomas Pesquet’s future lucky charm!
CNES31 - New services using European means for accessing space
- by CNES
A launcher with even more added value!
CSSTNewZealand01 - Easy identification of cube and nanosatellites
- by CSST NewZealand
Monitor your cube and nanosatellites!
DGA01 - Orbital or inter-orbital Internet service for satellites - Internet Of Satellites
- by DGA
Internet of Satellites (IoSat)!
NSPOTaiwan01 - A service only can be provided on the moon
- by NSPO Taiwan
Bright new business in the Moon base
SEDSCanada01 - New Space Station / Research Lab
- by SEDS Canada
Send new researches in space !
SPACE EXPLORATION MASTERS01 - Healthy food provision for Space Exploration missions and Earth
- by Space Exploration Masters
Remove before flight !
City registration is open !
Posted on September 19, 2019
ActInSpace® 2020 kicks off at Paris Air Show
Posted on June 18, 2019
Press release: Winners of the #ActInSpace® 2018 edition
Posted on July 6, 2018
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