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ActInSpace Spain || An international innovation contest lead by CNES and ESA


Spain joins ActInSpace for the first time!

Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM - ) a technology transfer entity that is involved with the aerospace sector (organizer of the activities of the World Space Week in Catalonia, the Citizen's debate in Madrid, and current broker of the ESA, among others) is the national organizer of this fast-paced competition.

Barcelona, for its entities and infrastructure, has been chosen as the city to celebrate this event on the 25th-26th of May ( ).

The event will be an incredible 24 hours full of emotion, learning and good vibrations.

We want to make a Hackathon the same as we are; different, innovative and creative;)

You can follow the progress of ActInSpace Spain in our social networks:

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@KIM_global (Twitter)

Schedule for the Spanish edition of ActInSpace
Posted on May 22, 2018
Pedro Duque with the Spanish edition of ActInSpace (By KIM)
Posted on May 15, 2018

Event's organizers

Logo of Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM)

ActInSpace's prizes in Spain

Tech transfer training program

You will develop practical exercises in which you will work with your own technologies and know real success stories. In addition, you will have 2h of face-to-face or online mentoring. The KIM Talent program works with practical methodologies developed by KAA and recognized by EUNCET Business School. * the prize is valued at 3,800€/ person

Our sponsors

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About the event

Canòdrom Parc de Recerca Creativa
Minimum age to participate: 18 years

Our experts for the event

Tech expert - izan PERIS
Space Tech Entrepreneur - Graduate from the International Space University, having studied abroad in USA - Systems engineer at the German Aerospace Center in Bremen - Co-founder of Disrupt Space - Current Head of Product at Zero 2 Infinity

Jury - miquel SUREDA
Physicist, Aerospace Engineer and PhD in Space Propulsion. He is a professor in Master’s Degree in Space and Aeronautical Engineering (at ESEIAAT - UPC). He has been lecturing and doing research at a University near Barcelona for 7 years.

Tech expert - marc GASCONS
Technology Manager en Airborne - Currently leading composite part manufacturing projects and coordinating technology trends in manufacturing process with developments of own company technology center.

Jury - antoni PAZ
Executive Director of KIM, organizers of the Spanish edition of AIS - He has extensive professional experience in innovation and scientific management. He has also been involved in the evaluation of the technical and economic viability of projects.

Jury - armengol TORRES
Aerospace and Smart Cities Senior Consultant - Passionate about the new space industry. Vice president Education and Coordination for the United Nations initiative 'World Space Week Association'. Founder and President of 'NewSpace Community'.

Tech&business expert - miquel GARCIA-FERNANDEZ
Founder and technical director at Rokubun- Research engineer in GNSS field with more than 15 years of experience.He has been working at University of Kyoto(Japan), the German Aerospace Center(DLR), and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory(Pasadena, US)

Jury - neus MUNTÉ
President of PDeCAT and candidate for Barcelona major in the next local elections - Past: Member of Catalan Parliament. Minister of Welfare Society and Family, Vice President and Spokeswoman of the Government and Minister of Presidency

Jury - ana MAYOR
COO of KIM - Responsible of all space projects of the entity (ESA Tech Landing Awards, ESA Citizen's Debate, World Space Week Catalonia and ESA's Broker Project among others)

Jury - emma DRAPER
Marketing professional specialized in the implementation of technological solutions for retail. Extensive career developed in several international companies. Trained in strategic marketing, digital marketing, merchandising and POS promotion.

Tech/business coach - carlos e. MONTSESANO
Senior Expert, Head of R&D Airbus DS Space Systems España - His group has flown to space more than 220 antennas, from Low Earth Orbit, Geo Stationary Orbit up to Mars, Venus and beyond. Co-author of several patents and member of the IEEE.

Jury - raquel GONZALEZ
Aeronautical Engineer-She has worked as a mechanical analysis engineer for Ariane 5 launchers in Airbus and for CNES Lanceurs Evry.Project Manager for Earth Observation Payload satellites.Has led a team to develop the Sentinel3 Microwave Radiometer

Expert - jose INSENSER
Innovation Manager–He has worked in Airbus since 1990,10 years in Flight Test,9 in Training and Simulation,6 in R&D & 3 in Innovation.He also supports Open Innovation programs, including research centers and the startup ecosystem with Airbus BizLab

Business expert - delphine BURGUIÈRE
Founder of digital marketing agency eConnect - Graduate in the fields of international business, marketing and commercialisation. Career in innovative and digital stat-ups, participation in strategic plans and projects.

Press release: Winners of the #ActInSpace® 2018 edition
Posted on July 6, 2018
Press Release : ActInSpace Goes International
Posted on May 30, 2018
Boost your Career in Aerospace!
Posted on May 29, 2018
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