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ActInSpace Spain || An international innovation contest lead by CNES and ESA

- Barcelona -
virtual event

Spain joins ActInSpace for the second time!

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce will be in charge of leading this important initiative to give a message of support to young entrepreneurs in the territory where digital innovation is the engine of a new economy, the importance of attracting talent and loyalty for Catalonia, the world's 4th largest technological region, and Barcelona; third most attractive city in Europe to undertake. And on the re-activation of the economy thanks to new ideas of space applied to other areas to improve the quality of life of people

With the special collaboration of the Generalitat de Catalunya and Knowledge Innovation Market a technology transfer entity that is involved with the aerospace sector (National Coordinator of the World Space Week in Spain, the Citizen's debate organizer in Madrid, New Space Economy event in Barcelona, and current broker of the ESA, among others).

These three entities are the nationals organizers of this fast-paced competition that this year will take place in Barcelona virtually.

The event will be an incredible 24 hours full of emotion, learning and good vibrations.

We want to make a Hackathon the same as we are; different, innovative and creative;)

You can follow the progress of ActInSpace Spain in our social networks:

@Knowlegde Innovation Market (Linkedin)
@KnowledgeInnovationMarket (Facebook)
@KIM_global (Twitter)

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Microsoft 365 environment
Posted on November 11, 2020
Do you already have team?
Posted on November 09, 2020
Posted on November 09, 2020

Event's organizers

Logo of Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona
Logo of Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM)

ActInSpace's prizes in Spain

Access to the International Final

Access to the International Final for the Act in Space 2020, which will take place in January 2021 with the other regional winners

Our sponsors

National Organizers

Logo of Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona
Logo of Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM)


Logo of Generalitat de Catalunya
Logo of Women in Aerospace


Logo of Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC)
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Logo of Associació Empresarial 22@ Network BCN
Logo of Associació Catalana de Comunicació Científica (ACCC)
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Logo of Madrid Aerospace Cluster (MAC)
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Logo of Universidad Pública de Navarra
Logo of Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Logo of Euroavia
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Logo of HaTOM - Tinkerers
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About the event


España alojará virtualmente la edición de 2020 del Act in Space y estaremos encantados de recibiros con los brazos abiertos

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