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ActInSpace Luxembourg || An international innovation contest lead by CNES and ESA

Act In Space Luxembourg

This year, like in 2016, #ActInSpace2018 – Luxembourg will take place at the agency of InTech, an IT service company in Kayl.

The first edition in 2016 was a real success. One team created her own startup : « Starwear » and  received the public price in Toulouse during the « Toulouse Space Show ».

We are ready for Act In Space 2018 !

The event was created by the CNES & the ESA.

The main goals are :

  • To develop entrepreneurship for young people;
  • To promote space ;
  • To promote the creation of start-ups by using and adapting space technologies to our daily life ;
  • To create an event focused on space and innovation in Luxembourg ;

During this hackathon several teams of 5 participants will have to work on the challenges offered by the CNES, the ESA and our sponsors in 24h.



For a matter of space in the building, we can receive a maximum of 12 teams of 5 people.

We'll begin the Hackathon Act In Space the 25th of May at 1pm. The event we'll finish the 26th of May at 6pm.

Act In Space Luxembourg will take place in InTech's agency :

208 rue de Noertzange, L 3670 Kayl, Luxembourg


Event's organizers

Logo of InTech SA

ActInSpace's prizes in Luxembourg

First Prize

1 IPad by candidate + Participation for the finale of the Toulouse Space Show on June 27th, 2018 (Accomodation and Transport costs included from the airport of Luxembourg) +Price entrepeunariat according to conditions

Our sponsors


Logo of Ministery of the Economy
Logo of POST Luxembourg
Logo of Technoport SA
Logo of Institut de la Propriété Intellectuelle Luxembourg
Logo of Luxinnovation
Logo of FEDIL - GLAE
Logo of University of Luxembourg
Logo of ESA
Logo of Creaction
Logo of Earthlab
Logo of EBRC
Logo of University of Luxembourg Incubator
Logo of Starwear
Logo of Editus
Logo of European IPR Helpdesk

About the event

For a matter of space in the building, we can receive a maximum of 12 teams of 5 people.

Our experts for the event

Gregory MARTIN
Ministère de l'Économie - Luxembourg. Has a Space and Aircraft Engineering Backgroud. Through its past experience as Space Sector Developer, will be able to help on space related issues, but will also be able to challenge business aspects.

Ministère de l'Economie - Luxembourg. More than 17 year-experiences in space industry and research, with a comprehensive spectrum of skills in system engineering, project management in space borne satellite and sector / business development space.

Olivier ZEPHIR
TECHNOPORT SA. Olivier is Business Advisor. With a double background in UXD (User Experience Design) and a Ph.D. in Industrial Systems Engineering, he has contributed to several EU and industrial R&D projects within the service industry.

Laurent is a specialist in smart environments bridging IoT and Cyber Physical Systems. With the Starwear team (Lux. winner of ActInSpace, startup created in 2016) he managed to hyper materialize his academic background,“sky's the limit" mindset...

Jeanne ALETA
Currently working at IPIL G.I.E. as an IP expert. Jeanne is involved in several activities of the Institute including those aimed at raising awareness of IP rights among SMEs and startups. Furthermore, she provides trainings related to IP topics...

Having more than 10 years of xp in IP, Onur is now working for the European IPR Helpdesk, the IP initiative of the EU, in charge of stakeholder management and publications. He is also delivering training sessions on topics in IP...

Jean-paul HENRY
Jean-Paul Henry is currently Director of CREACTION. He has more than 20 years of experience in the innovation management (in start-up incubating too). He founded CREACTION to bring to industries appropriate support in their innovation process.

Sébastien LAROSE
Head of InTech's Innovation & Development, Sébastien is passionate about new trends and uses of digital technology. He has a lot of experience in setting up architectures at several major players in the Luxembourg financial market.

Nicolas ANDRE
@IntechI&D / Specialized in boostraping solutions for startups, member of Innovation and Development team and seeking for new partners to experiment with.

I am an Engineer with international experience in different business areas. Despite my technical background, I enjoy supporting and idea in becoming a commercial reality. I believe Startups are the key for any economy. .

ESA More than 30 years’ experience in space as an engineer and mission scientist. Skills in Project Management, RF and Systems Engineering. Telecom Engineer's Degree from University of Porto (PT) and in Electronics from Politecnico di Milano (IT).

IT architect & developer working in the Innovation & Development Team at Intech, where we strive to anticipate changes in our digital usages and apply new technologies to game-changing projects.

Developer and IT Architect in the Innovation and Development team at InTech, specialized in Blockchain technologies and decentralized architectures.

Profile: Specialist Design. For ten years he was in charge of the design and modeling department of CREACTION INT. He has designed more than 20 new products and innovative user interfaces/services from space sector.

Benjamin HOURTE
I’m the technology director of a startup called EarthLab Luxembourg. This company provides solutions in better anticipate the risks (environmental &/or man-made) using Deep Learning technics.

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