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ActInSpace Luxembourg || An international innovation contest lead by CNES and ESA

Act In Space Luxembourg
- Esch-sur-Alzette -
virtual event

Act In Space Luxembourg 2020

ActInSpace-Luxembourg 2020 took place virtually due to covid-19 restrictions. The event was organized by Technoport and InTech.

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The Backstage Community:

The hackathon aftermovie:

ActInSpace event concept was created by the CNES & the ESA. The hackathon is running every two years at international level. Each participating country organises a national hackathon whose winning team will participate in the international final in Toulouse.

The main goals of Act In Space hackathon are:

  • To foster and enforce entrepreneurial and innovation management practices of participants by offering a game-based learning experience;
  • To promote space;
  • To promote the creation of start-ups by using and adapting space technologies to our daily life;
  • To create an event focused on space and innovation in Luxembourg.

During this hackathon several teams (of 5 people max each) have to work on the challenges offered by the CNES, the ESA and other sponsors in 24h. Each team has to choose the preferred challenge among this list


In 2020 edition also a Luxembourg challenge "Configure test a DIY lunar rover" has been introduced, in collaboration with the Space Robotics Research Group from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg. The challenge consists in conceptualizing an application that allows to configure rovers to find resources on the moon. A specific prize was dedicated to this challenge. The Luxembourg LunaLab representatives reviewed the project proposals and awarded the best team with a valid moon rover for the mission of finding ice on the moon. The winner will have the privilege to receive a DIY kit and to remotely test the rover at the Luxembourg LunaLab.


Pre-event informational webinars

Two pre-event webinars were scheduled to discover more about the hackathon contest, space entrepreneurship topics, the logistics and to meet the organisers and potential team members:

  • 1st pre-event webinar: 15th October 2020 from 6h30 PM to 7h30 PM
  • 2nd pre-event webinar: 28th October 2020 from 6h30 PM to 7h30 PM

Virtual event & Agenda

Act In Space Luxembourg 2020 took place on 13th-14th November 2020.

Given the critical ongoing COVID-19 situation and related restrictions in involved countries, the event was fully virtual.

Participants coordinated in remote with team members and coaches, and pitched their project to the jury via video conference.

The event started at 2PM on 13th November and ended at 6PM on 14th November.



2h00 PM Friday 13th Nov: Event launch (webinar)

  • Welcoming message
  • Reminder of the competition rules
  • E-meet the coaches
  • Teams consolidation on remote

From Friday 13th Nov 3h00 PM to Saturday 14th Nov 3h00 PM: 24hrs Hackathon

  • Each team works on remote on the chosen challenge, with the support of industry experts. The coaches will be available also at night.
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Teams have to upload their presentation by Saturday 3PM 

3h30 PM Saturday 14th Nov: Pitches to the jury

  • Teams pitch in front of the jury (via video conference)
  • 5 minutes pitch + 2 minutes Q&A for each team

5h30 PM Saturday 14th Nov: Virtual Award Ceremony

  • Result and feedback to each team
  • Award ceremony


Participate in Act In Space 2020

The hackathon is open to space-related professionals and university/doctoral students in the following fields: STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), Business, Medical, Design, Behavioral sciences.

As participant, you foster and enforce entrepreneurial & innovation practices through experiential learning.

Moreover, you have the chance to:

  • Meet recognised experts in space, technology, design and intellectual property
  • Compete for exceptional prizes in an international hackathon context
  • Imagine the first elements of your startup and become tomorrow’s New Space entrepreneur

Participants are asked to form teams, choose one of the space challenges proposed by CNES, ESA and sponsors, and deliver a solution in 24 hours, mentored by professional industry experts.

We can welcome a maximum of 60 people: 12 teams of maximum 5 people each.

Participation is free of charge.


International Competition

ActInSpace Luxembourg winners are awarded with amazing prizes (see the list below in this page).

Moreover, 1st place winners of each country participates in the International Final in Toulouse (January or February 2021) and competes for the 1st International Grand Prize (offered by Air Zero G – Novespace): a weightlessness astronaut experience on the Zero-G Airbus A310 parabolic flight.


Coaches & Jury

Several industry experts and professionals representing the most relevant actors of the Luxembourg space and tech innovation ecosystem and research institutions from the Greater Region support and evaluate the teams.

The profiles of our experts (coaches and jury members) are displayed at the end of this page.


Look at previous editions' aftermovie

SpaceHack Luxembourg 2019

Technoport and InTech have introduced also another space event in Luxembourg: the SpaceHack. The SpaceHack is a new 24hrs hackathon event that aims at exploring space industry potentials, enhancing entrepreneurial and innovation management practices through experiential learning in space industry-focus areas.

The first edition of SpaceHack took place at Technoport technology incubator on 29th & 30th November 2019. Look at what has been done on the platform


Act In Space Luxembourg 2018

25 & 26 May 2018 at InTech SA.


Act In Space Luxembourg 2016

The first edition in 2016 was a real success. One team created their own startup «Starwear» and received the public price in Toulouse during the «Toulouse Space Show».


About the organisers

Two actors, Technoport S.A. and InTech S.A., with a track record in new technology and business development and innovation events (serious gaming and hackathon type events) aim to consolidate a dedicated network in SpaceTech entrepreneurship and innovation events.

Technoport SA is the national technology business incubator that supports the creation and development of innovative and technological companies in Luxembourg, including startups, spin-offs and foreign companies establishing their R&D centers in the country.

InTech SA, based in Luxembourg, is a subsidiary of POST Luxembourg Group, specialized in IT advisory and in custom application development. Using cutting edge technologies, InTech helps its customers to transform their organisation by identifying disruptive innovation and applying them to concrete business.


Event's Ambassadors

ActInSpace Luxembourg is supported by a great community of universities and student associations from the Greater Region that are actively collaborating to consolidate participating teams.

University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Mines Nancy - ARTEM (France)

Loria (France)

ICN Business School (France)

Haute Ecole de Namur-Liège-Luxembourg (Belgium)

Université de Liège (Belgium)

European School of Materials - EUSMAT (Germany)

Saarland University (Germany)

ESN - Erasmus Student Network Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

ESN - Erasmus Student Network Saarbrücken (Germany)

ESN - Erasmus Student Network Nancy (France)

Université de la Grande Région (L-D-B-F) 

PUSH.GR Greater Region Project (L-D-B-F) 



Francis Sujkowski: 

Olivier Zephir:


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ActInSpace-Luxembourg 2020 winners
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Event's organizers

Logo of Technoport SA
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ActInSpace's prizes in Luxembourg

1st Prize

1 iPad of around 1000€ value for each member of the winning team (by POST Luxembourg) + Team participation in the Act In Space International Final in Toulouse to compete for the 1st World Prize (accommodation and transport costs from Luxembourg airport are covered by AIS Luxembourg organizers)

Our sponsors

Supporting Partners

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Logo of Loria
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About the event

Act In Space Luxembourg 2020 will take place virtually.

Our experts for the event

Manager IP Services at IPIL. Electronics and signal processing background coupled with 20 years of experience in strategic exploitation of technical information and competitive intelligence. Xavier will help you to define an efficient IP strategy.

Intellectual Property expert at IPIL. Legal expert with proven experience in the development of legal strategy on matters related to IP. Isabelle will provide relevant and useful legal information adapted to the context of entrepreneurship.

Samuel BEX
Intellectual Property expert at IPIL. Qualified electrical engineer previously patent examiner. Specialist in patent information search. Samuel will help you to define your IP strategy and assist you in the search of relevant IP information.

Florent COCHET
Partner at coDARE Sàrl-S. 18yrs of experience in aeronautic industry: business & leadership skills. Founded coDARE end 2019 to advise organizations in business transformation. Florent will help you build the business model and a successful ecosystem.

Head of CubeSat Laboratory at University of Luxembourg. Specialist in propulsion technology, nanosatellites and remote sensing. Jan teaches the CubeSatLab course at university. Previous experiences in industry, research centres, European Space Agency

Director of IPIL. PhD in organic chemistry, since 1994 in the field of patents and intellectual property. Director of IPIL, lecturer at the University of Luxembourg and since 2019 chairing the jury of the Jonk Fuerscher contest in Luxembourg.

Manager at InTech. With 13 years of experience in the design and implementation of software architecture, Antoine has a particular expertise on decentralized systems, blockchain technologies in general and Ethereum in particular.

Scientist at Loria/UTBM. Franck is a researcher in Cyber-Physical systems. With a 20-year experience on distributed AI, sensors fusion and robotics systems, He can help you to design robotic devices and develop coordination behaviors.

Jean-paul HENRY
Managing director at Creaction Int. More than 25yrs in managing innovation & space tech transfer and space opportunities. As ESA BROKER for Luxembourg, he will help you to shape the product design by integrating space technology with high added value

Cédric SPAAS
Manager at ArViCom. Electronic and nanotechnology engineer. 7+ year in Augmented Reality systems and solutions for various industrial and medical applications.

Head of Cybersecurity Department at POST Luxembourg. Atomic physics PhD background, researcher experience at Stockholm Institute of Physics, Security specialist at Cisco Systems Belgium, setting up a global cybersecurity strategy for POST Luxembourg.

Olivier ZEPHIR
Olivier Zephir is a Senior Business Advisor at Technoport SA, technology business incubator in Luxembourg. With a background in Industrial Systems Engineering, Olivier supports startups in building proof of concepts with identified target audience.

CEO of Technoport. Passionate about entrepreneurship, startups and technology he is actively developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Luxembourg since 2001. Member of the board of directors of EBN and of the advisory committee of Tomorrow Street.

Nicole MONTI
Business Advisor at Technoport technology business incubator. Nicole supports the development of innovative tech startups in Luxembourg. She will help you defining the value proposition and structuring the business model for your solution.

Professor on Space Robotics & Senior Research Scientist at Head of Space Robotics Research Group, LunaLab and Zero-gravity Lab. Passionate on autonomous navigation for Aerial, Planetary and Orbital Robotics and space resource utilization.

Charles KOENER
Charles is working as policy officer at Luxembourg Space Agency since 2018, where he is overseeing R&D projects of LU space companies. With a good space industry knowledge and an engineering background, he can advise on technical & business aspects.

Alessandro GRASSO
Policy Officer at Luxembourg Space Agency. 7+ years of experience in leading advanced projects within the space divisions of Airbus and OHB. Alessandro can support in all aspects from technical design to business model implementation.

Manager Technology Consulting at EY. Frantz has been working in BI & Data Science field for the past 8+years, delivering projects going from pattern recognition to Advanced Analytical solutions. He participated and coached in various tech hackathons.

Manager Technology Consulting at EY. With a business background in Health Systems & Logistics and experience in thermodynamics, mechanical & electrical engineering, Maxime transforms raw ideas in structured concept, embracing business and IT aspects.

CEO of Luxembourg Space Agency. Head Luxembourg Delegation at ESA, Director of Space Affairs at Ministry of Economy, Government Commissioner at SES, Member of International Academy of Astronautics. Optoelectronics PhD, electrical engineering Master

Senior Policy Officer and LuxIMPULSE Programme Manager at Luxembourg Space Agency. Frédéric represents and defends the interests of Luxembourg in ESA boards and promotes the sector nationally and internationally to create new business opportunities.

Head of Simbiot research team at Loria & of AI Systems track at Depinfo Mines Nancy. Co-founder of Alerion. Winner ActInSpaceLux2016 with Starwear team. Motto: bridging seriousness and fun in a world of ubiquitous networked, mobile and smart objects.

CEO of InTech. Fabrice is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Infrachain and Telecom Nancy, Director of Earthlab and Tokeny, Independent Director of EASE, Head of Blockchain working group of Fédération des Tiers de Confiance Numérique (Paris).

Eduardo CRUZ
Country Manager of GomSpace Luxembourg, which provides Satellite Operations and develops cubesat missions for the safety of our planet and the exploitation of space resources. Passionate about product development and agile methodologies.

PhD Student at SpaceR (SnT-University of Luxembourg). Jose's main expertise is on the robotic field, having experience in navigation (SLAM), stereo computer vision & machine learning. His PhD topic is on Super Resolution applied to Space Images.

Specialist in decentralized systems and engineer working at InTech for Tokeny. Curious regarding space, science and the future of information technologies, Kevin has participated in the last occurrence of ActInSpace, and in other hackathons.

Didier FASS
Professor ICN BS, Loria. Researcher in Augmented Human, Human-Systems Integration & Artifact Bio-Synthesis, teacher in Creative Thinking & Innovation. He will help you to generate creative ideas & added-value from System Engineering to Space Business

Research Associate at SpaceR, University of Luxembourg. Baris received his PhD degree in the field of mechatronics engineering from Yildiz Technical University in 2019, his research interests focus mainly on mechatronic system design & control theory

Philippe LUDIVIG
Researcher in autonomous navigation for lunar surface robots at ispace Europe. Philippe specialises in computer vision for robotics and sensor technology that enables relative and absolute localisation for surface robots in unstructured environments.

Material Science Engineer, Techlab Developement Manager & Hardware/XR Specialist at Mines Nancy. Head of projects on Boston Dynamics Platform. He will help you to understand the technology aspect of your project & link different technological bricks.

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