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ActInSpace Germany || An international innovation contest lead by CNES and ESA

- Darmstadt -
hybrid event

ActInSpace 2022 in Germany will be in Darmstadt

It's time for ActInSpace®! For the fourth time, we will be bringing the international innovation contest to Darmstadt. Our local edition of the hackathon will take place on 18./19. November in a hybrid format – within 24 hours, you will team up and design innovative solutions to real-life problems based on space technology and data.

Our expert mentors from a broad variety of sectors will be providing support in the areas of Tech, Business, and Finacne to ensure that you can develop your ideas in this short time-frame and are ready to pitch your solutions in front of our jury panel at the end of the event. Needless to say that there will of course be great prizes to win!

Due to its hybrid format, you will be able to choose whether you'd like to take part in the hackathon remotely or join us in person at our event space in Darmstadt, which is generously being provided to us free of charge by the TIZ Darmstadt GmbH. Our event agenda is available here.

We are already looking forward to the many brilliant ways you will come up with to make use of space technology and space data at the AIS 2022 in Darmstadt!


You can now take a peak at some of the available challenges:
[unfortunately, there seems to be a technical issue with linking to the same site, until we have worked out how to circumvent it, please copy and paste the link instead of clicking on it, otherwise you'll be stuck on a "loading" page]

You will have to choose one of these challenges to work on together with your team during the hackathon. Don't worry, you don't need to decide right away, but taking a look now might inspire some ideas you want to work on during the hackathon. We are also planning on organizing a virtual pre-hackathon event the week before the hackathon where participants that do not have a team yet can connect with each other and find their teammates for the hackathon - more information about this will be sent out via email to all registered participants soon.

If you cannot find a challenge that you want to work on you may also bring your own "space challenge" to the hackathon - however, please note that you will then only be eligible for our national, not the international prizes.


Don't forget to register via the button on the main page and make sure to choose Germany – Darmstadt as your event location:


Virtual Pre-Hackathon
Posted on November 10, 2022
National Prizes announced
Posted on November 09, 2022
Agenda online
Posted on November 03, 2022

Event's organizers

Logo of cesah GmbH Centrum für Satellitennavigation
Logo of ESA BIC Hessen

ActInSpace's prizes in Germany

1-month Co-Working Space

The winning team of our hackathon will have the opportunity to continue working on their idea in a Co-Working Space in Darmstadt for one month.

Our sponsors

National partner

Logo of DLR German Space Agency

Local sponsor

Logo of ESA
Logo of TIZ Darmstadt GmbH
Logo of Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH
Logo of YUBIZZ! Die Gründungsinitiative der h_da

Content partner

Logo of HUB31
Logo of Xariva Ventures
Logo of HIGHEST Innovations- & Gründungszentrum Technische Universität Darmstadt
Logo of Software AG
Logo of Mews Deutschland GmbH
Logo of MAFEX
Logo of Philipps Universität Marburg
Logo of Telespazio Germany GmbH

Communication Partner

Logo of Software AG University Relations
Logo of HOLM
Logo of StartMiUp

About the event

UPDATE (27.09.2022)

Our hackathon will be at TIZ Darmstadt.

ActInSpace 2022 will take place at TIZ Darmstadt. We will split the activities in several rooms but the main area is located at 3rd floor, section D (follow the AIS signs). All information regarding remote connection to the event will be shared before the event via mail. In general all registered participants will receive a participant briefing document in advance (about 3 days before the event).  

Our experts for the event

Space Matters Consultant, former Head of Advanced Concepts and Management Support Office (ESA); Operations experience for various types of missions in various mission phases, international cooperation, technology Spin-In & Spin-Off with a focus on AI

MAFEX - Founder Service University of Marburg; climatology, remote sensing, environmental modeling, ecology startup advice

Chair for Climatology and Environmental Modelling, University of Marburg; climatology, remote sensing, environmental modeling, ecology startup advice

Günter KRAFT
Managing Partner / Founder Xariva Ventures; Sales, GF Modell, Business Development, Finanzierung

Managing Director HUB 31; Business Development, Communication, Marketing

ESA Technology Broker Germany; GNSS and Space-Tech

Senior Consultant at Mews Partners; Ask me about: Business Canvas, Voice of Customer, (Business) use cases & pitch, Documentation and assessment of Architecture Trade-off/Justifications

Patrick CORDES
Partner at MEWS Partners; Ask me about: Business Canvas, Voice of Customer, (Business) use cases & pitch, Documentation and assessment of Architecture Trade-off/Justifications

BFM BrainFleet Management GmbH; I will act as a mentor for business planning, accounting, controlling and other commercial functions

start-up consultant, Telespazio Germany GmbH; e-commerce specialist, Bootstrapping - Found your startup with positive cashflow

Carolin BOCK (PROF. DR.)
Professor of Entrepreneurship at Technische Universität Darmstadt; New Space, Business Model Development, Market Size, Financial Planning

World Prize #ActInSpace 2022
Posted on March 2, 2023
Press release: Winners of the #ActInSpace® 2022 edition
Posted on March 2, 2023
Communiqué de presse : Les gagnants de l'édition 2022 de #ActInSpace®
Posted on March 2, 2023
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