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use argos tags to track and protect wildlife || ActInSpace Challenges


Identify which data type(s) is important for the operation of your solution
Create a mockup of website, app, dashboard...
Identify the potential users of your service and its business model
Wildlife under threat! How can we protect endangered species?
Set up an interactive presentation of your solution applied to an endangered species
Use Argos tags to track and protect wildlife


The Argos beacon is a unique satellite-based location and data collection system used for environmental protection. Thanks to this system, animals can be monitored (migrations, habitats, breeding grounds). Argos also makes it possible to measure human activities’ impact on its environment.

For more information, go to:


This challenge consists to imagine new ways to use Argos beacons to improve wildlife protection. You can use any type of data and environmental reports related to Argos data: Identify data type(s) that seems to be important for the success of your solution.

Your solution must combine economic and environmental interests. You will identify potential users and the economic model suited to your solution. And you will present your solution with the visual of your choice (mockup, website, app, etc.).

Finally, you will present a simulation of threatened species’ tracking made thanks to your solution, and highlight its main advantages.

The company CLS, which has launched this challenge, wishes to develop the ecosystem that will use its data. To this end, if a team decides to create a startup as a follow-on to this challenge, CLS will provide support, especially by providing access to the data in question, in the same conditions as for the launch of a startup. If you have any questions on this topic, please get in touch:
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