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low impact travel make cruising greener than travelling || ActInSpace Challenges


Identify which data type(s) is important for the operation of your solution
Create a mockup of website, app, dashboard...
Identify the potential users of your service and its business model
Reduce the environmental impact of maritime traffic using the AIS satellite!
Imagine applications/services which can help to protect marine life
Low impact travel: make cruising greener than travelling


As a specialist of maritime intelligence, CLS is renowned for the reliability of its data concerning maritime traffic. Using AIS (Automatic Identification System) technology, CLS provides a boat tracking system, widely used by international authorities (customs, coast guards, national navies, international maritime safety agencies), which constitutes a valuable ally as regards safety issues, economic intelligence and the fight against pollution. For more information, go to:


Given that globalization has generated an increased trade, the need for maritime transport has also increased significantly, generating harmful impacts on the environment. We now have to consider how to limit these risks of pollution.
To tackle this challenge, you need to think of potential new applications that could use the data provided by a combination of “Open data & AIS”, i.e. data from AIS technology combined with other types of data of your own choice, to reduce the environmental impact of maritime traffic. Identify the potential users of your solution and the economic model that will ensure its viability. Identify which data type(s) is important for the operation of your solution. Present the visual representation of your solution with the media of your choice. Finally, think about other applications and services that might be generated by your solution, geared towards the protection of marine life.

The company CLS, which has launched this challenge, wishes to develop the ecosystem that will use its data. To this end, if a team decides to create a startup as a follow-on to this challenge, CLS will provide support, especially by providing access to the data in question, in the same conditions as for the launch of a startup. If you have any questions on this topic, please get in touch:
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