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help improve daily life for villagers in burkina faso || ActInSpace Challenges


Identify the types of space technology which might meet the needs of these communities
Think about how to design user-friendly, interactive interfaces to guarantee optimised access to information
Identify the main sectors requiring improvement
Space technology for humanitarian purposes
Assess the difficulties involved in setting up your solutions
Help improve daily life for villagers in Burkina Faso


Many space applications have already been used for the purpose of improving our daily lives. Some examples include the GNSS signal, balloons, satellite-aircraft-IoT hybrid technology, and many others. However, some countries, which lack the resources to purchase such technology, have difficulty accessing essential information for daily life. The use of this technology to serve communities living in largely undeveloped areas (lacking infrastructure and information, etc.) could therefore have an extremely positive impact.


The challenge is to find a way of using this space technology to improve daily life in the least developed countries (LDCs). It’s up to you to reflect on and identify improvements to be made, and suggest solutions based on space technology.
You might, for example, find a way of improving access to a range of information (audiovisual training courses in crop-growing techniques, hygiene, health, education and more) which can be consulted via smartphones and tablets with an operational function in the local environment, and a means of making such information available in a local network that might already exist in some form, albeit slow and unreliable. You may also think about creating discussion forums within this network with the aim of sharing information about the crops available and their sale price and the distribution of medicines. By taking up this challenge, you will enable the villagers involved in the actions led by GADD (sustainable development association) in Burkina Faso to speed up development within their community.
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Posted on September 19, 2019
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