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healthy food provision for space exploration missions and earth || ActInSpace Challenges


Identify similar/analogue cases to Space Exploration on Earth
After studying which problems brings unhealthy food for space exploration, find a way to reduce the stressors of food
Identify the prerequisites of the market for implementing your solution and define its business model
Remove before flight !
Produce sales material explaining your value proposition and your target segments
Space Exploration Masters
Healthy food provision for Space Exploration missions and Earth


Terrestrial environmental hazards, e. g. radiation, toxic pollutants and contaminants, impact many aspects of life that are inextricably linked to health and food. To address this, WHO ( has a key role to play advancing both mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate and environmental change, working in collaboration with ESA and other stakeholders.
Space environment also turn to be dangerous for human beings in Space, e. g . astronauts, plants and animals. ESA is constantly performing several activities such as astronaut missions, ground-based experiments and technology demonstrations related to food concerns to assure sustainable survivability in Space, e. g. check-lists procedures, nutrition features, taste elements, preservation, packaging, food generation in Space, etc.


The "remove before flight" challenge aims to stimulate the global community of problem-solvers for new ideas as part of overcoming the barriers upon taking charge of the humankind’s spaceship towards another non-terrestrial orbits, planet or celestial body. The need is to foster commercially viable business applications related to health and food issues, e. g. light-weight, compact, tasty and nutritious, of Space exploration missions and contextually promote the availability of safe, healthy and wholesome food for everyone to improve food and nutrition security on Earth. The target groups for this challenge are teams of students, start uppers, and young professionals potentially teaming up with large entities, e. g. corporations and research institutes with an established capacity to deliver the solution to market at global level, specifically towards disadvantaged areas on Earth. In other words, your challenge is to find solutions alleviating the stressors (contaminants, pollution, radiation, etc...) of food to be used in Space Exploration missions and in similar/analogue cases on Earth.

NOTE: Participants may also submit their idea to the Space Exploration Masters innovation competition, which amongst others offers the Health & Food Challenge. Find more information on the challenges and prizes (worth a total of EUR 800,000) at:
City registration is open !
Posted on September 19, 2019
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