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health monitoring with the personal assistant ‘everywear’ || ActInSpace Challenges

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Propose an innovative solution to monitor user health
Then illustrate your solution with a video
Imagine how the Everywear system could be applied in the medical sector and how it could be improved using Artificial Intelligence
Benefit from sophisticated health monitoring just like that of astronauts!
Produce sales material explaining your value proposition, your target segments and your system
Harmonie Mutuelle
Health monitoring with the personal assistant ‘Everywear’


MEDES (the CNES health subsidiary) and CNES developed the Everywear personal assistant for Thomas Pesquet's PROXIMA mission. The system, installed on the astronaut's personal iPad, aggregated various data from sensors (sleep, blood pressure, energy expenditure, water quality, etc.), to monitor his nutritional intake, declare any symptoms and communicate securely with his doctor from the ISS. The personal assistant also offered personalised recommendations to the astronaut in order to get feedback on his state of health during the mission. EveryWear's flexible design allows sensors to be connected or removed as required by the mission or astronaut, and serves as a data aggregator for scientific experiments conducted on the ISS.


Suggest a way of making the EveryWear PDA smarter, through Artificial Intelligence, and more innovative, using a medium other than a smartphone or tablet application, to offer new EveryWear system applications for monitoring citizens' health.
The main users would be people who require regular and comprehensive monitoring and follow-up from independent health professionals or institutions that are not nearby, or even patient associations: they would include people with chronic diseases (diabetes, strokes, heart disease, etc...) and people who have just left a hospital after a health incident or whose conditions have become chronic following a stroke, cancer, car accident, etc.
Then illustrate your solution with a video
Finally produce sales material explaining your value proposition, your target segments and your system.
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