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environmentally friendly services for pleasure boating || ActInSpace Challenges


Suggest a business plan for the implementation of solutions
Think about a smartphone app that would be capable of acting as an interface between the technology used and the solution
Identify one or more aspects of pleasure boating which could be improved and the space technology likely to provide a solution
Help make pleasure boating more pleasant for the planet
Illustrate (video, diagram, etc.) your response to this challenge, from the problem stage to the solution adopted
Environmentally friendly services for pleasure boating


Satellites are unique resources for monitoring maritime activities as well as protecting sailors from poor weather conditions: in a sense, they are the eyes of the sea. The GNSS signal, weather sensors found on certain satellites, very high resolution optical imagery, the automatic identification system for locating ships anywhere in the world, and coastal bathymetry - which studies the transparency of the water and the properties of the waves observed around the coast to describe natural phenomena (erosion, coastal flooding) - are all examples of space technology used for maritime purposes. All of these types of technology could help pleasure boating become an innovative sector in terms of environmental protection.


Your challenge consists in offering an environmentally friendly service aimed at pleasure boaters. Here are a few suggestions: identification of the locations of privately owned pleasure boats at sea or on land, with the aim of offering solidarity-based services such as “boat-sharing” (based on the car-sharing model); identification of available anchoring spots which do not pose a risk to the marine environment, particularly in dense pleasure boating areas (thereby avoiding unnecessary sailing and fuel consumption); precise local weather information related to the GNSS journey, to help sailors change course quickly; on-board telemedicine; matching of on-board places available with places requested, to help promote co-navigation, etc. This is not an exhaustive list of examples: it’s up to you to identify other applications within the world of pleasure boating for which space technology might prove useful. The next step is to suggest a business plan for the solutions identified and, if appropriate, create the interface design of a smartphone app.
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