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Space for Earth & Humanity

The moon race challenge ready, set, launch!

Contribute to the new era of the Human Space Exploration by building a disruptive NewSpace business with worldwide Public/Private companies




We are in 2025, the world has radically changed. Digital transformation has become a rallying cry for business and technology strategists.
The world is now high tech, robust and reliant with disruptive new actors, massive new businesses and affordable services…
Here are the latest trends:

NewSpace Techno: Cloud, Analytics, IoT, ALM, Virtual Reality, Digital Twin, Collaborative solutions, Cognitive capabilities..
NewSpace Products: Smaller/Bigger launchers+satellites, Higher optical resolution, Cyber resilience, Crewed habitats, Inflatable structures..
NewSpace Services: In Space manufacturing, Robotic assistants, Drones, Debris removal, Connected ground segment, Situational awareness

Space agencies and private companies want to move fast and disrupt in an new exploration program ensuring an alternative in case of a major issue on the Earth. A Moon base settlement is the first step to demonstrate the validity and robustness of the whole space systems. They need all digital citizens to build a complete system to go to the next level. And you, what will you do for us?


Your Mission: Use multiple new tech/product/service to create massive scalable and highly available functions to support the Moon base settlement mission and operations. Focus only on a small portion of the meta-system, the required infrastructure is big enough for all players.

Feasibility: Imagine a brand new disruptive concept. Find inspiration looking to state of the art new capabilities, ensure technical capability and sustainability to serve humanity expansion in space. Draft and explain your value proposition with concrete facts, visuals, prototypes..

Desirability: Find a real market and customers that will be ready to invest in. This can be about B2B (agencies or private sector), B2C (any digital citizens), B2G (government, military). Alone is the quickest way, together with partnership is the more sustainable way.

Viability: Ensure the business will be profitable. Business viability is a must have in less than 2 years. Great ideas are cool, profitable ones are better! We just want you to survive in that business challenge...

Go fast, time is running and your solution must be live in less than 24h.
Ready, Set, Launch!


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