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Space for Earth & Humanity

Space for pre- & post-disaster

Free and open access satellite data for crisis management




The French National Space Agency (CNES) has developed the PEPS platform ( allowing free access to satellite images (Sentinel 2) from all over the world, every 5 days!

Registration to the site is free and automatic for anyone. The download of the satellite data is also free !

Satellite image processing is also freely usable on the PEPS site, such the calculation of vegetation index (NDVI) allowing for example to follow forest fires or to follow the growth of agricultural crops...


With the arrival of climate change, natural disasters are becoming more and more frequent: violent forest fires, floods, glacier advances, tsunamis, landslides...

The follow-up of these events is extremely important: for the rescue services, for the victims, for climatologists, but also for insurers, town planners, urban managers, doctors...

The challenge, if you accept it, is to develop a service based on the comparison of pre- and post-disaster satellite images and thus to produce rapid mapping of targeted areas on a global scale.

Identifying potential customers for this service will also be part of the challenge.


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