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system for detecting dense gatherings of people || ActInSpace Challenges


Identify the cartographic masking feature to cover densely populated areas
Design the visualisation application for managing densely populated areas
Identify the prerequisites of the market for implementing your solution and define its business model
Detect a crowd without overcrowding your mind!
Bearing in mind the constraints related to confidentiality/privacy, find solutions for collecting user data
System for detecting dense gatherings of people


In 2018, 66% of people in developed countries are smartphone users, and this figure rises to 85% in urban areas. The huge quantity of data generated by mobiles (Big Data) enables us to identify dense gatherings of people by geolocation (GNSS, GSM relay antenna, etc.).
CNES has developed a system for identifying dense gatherings of people; a “real-time” system which identifies groups of people in which the number of individuals exceeds a given threshold value. This system can also add “fixed” masks to mark out areas that are permanently affected (intensely active zones, e.g. very touristy areas).


Your challenge is to think of an innovative application for this system for detecting densely populated areas via a mobile. Identify the market and the target domain. You might want to think about such fields as economic intelligence (consumer habits, number of visitors to public places, etc.) or public safety/law and order (reinforced security, assistance with police operations, etc.). One future application might be to control autonomous vehicles around sensitive areas, thereby helping to counter the terrorist threat. Define the business plan for your solution accordingly. To illustrate your solution, present a map showing densely populated areas and specifying the pre-determined threshold value integrated into your system, as well as the “fixed” masks, if appropriate. Present the app for visualising the dense areas identified and the functions available to users, depending on the target domain (“Waze”, “pedestrians”, software designed for law enforcement officers, etc.). Bear in mind issues related to privacy and confidentiality when designing solutions for collecting users’ geolocation data (via an app, their mobile network? etc.)
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Posted on September 19, 2019
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