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smart vehicles to scan the local environment in 3d mode || ActInSpace Challenges


Identify a field of application for which a local data collection system might be useful
Think of an app or software programme for tracking data collection
Draw up a business plan for your solution
Robot companions to help you get a feel for the atmosphere
Present your vehicle fitted with an on-board system in the form of a model, video, etc.
Smart vehicles to scan the local environment in 3D mode


Sounding rockets can take measurements and perform scientific experiments in the upper atmosphere. In order to launch this type of rocket successfully, you need to be able to assess the weather conditions. A launcher actually runs the risk of being struck by lightning in flight if it passes through a cloud mass. At the moment, it is difficult to obtain weather data that are sufficiently precise at local level (for example, wind changes depending on the altitude) to enable a safe launch.
CNES has patented an innovative on-board system for autonomous vehicle navigation (EP3043264), especially adapted to drones. These drones might, for example, collect data in the atmospheric layers directly above the launcher.


Your challenge is to identify innovative applications for this meteorological data acquisition system covering several altitude layers (humidity, pressure, wind, etc.).
Determine a solution for which a vehicle fitted with an on-board data collection system could be useful (airport surveillance, precision weather forecasting, environment, pollution, etc.). Draw up a business plan for your solution
Design an app or software programme that would enable you to retrieve, organise and analyse the data collected.
Define the type of vehicles that could be fitted with such a system, and decide which one is best suited to your solution. Present your product using a model, video, etc.
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