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programming the most relevant renewable energies for a given region || ActInSpace Challenges


Identify the space technologies that allow the best renewable energy for a given area to be determined
Design an application/website that showcases the benefits of your services
Describe the business model for your solution and the processing chain to integrate data and create value-added products
Space technology serving renewable energy
Provided explicit details on the value created for the various players who can benefit from your solution
Programming the most relevant renewable energies for a given region


Satellites equipped with increasingly powerful instruments give us access to a multitude of data sets that will then be interpreted, providing an ever-greater wealth of information on our planet. In 2018, for example, the European satellite Aeolus, placed in orbit at an altitude of 400 km, will provide wind profiles across the globe from 0 to 30 km of altitude. These extremely precise measurements are based on a completely new approach that does not require monitoring cloud movements or the observation of sea surface roughness. The measurements are taken using laser technology with a unique instrument on board the satellite called Aladin (Atmospheric LAser Doppler INstrument).


Your challenge is to use various cutting-edge advances in space technologies, and the satellite data freely available on open platforms under the European programme Copernicus (PEPS, THEIA), to devise a means of identifying the best renewable energy source to use in given regions, e.g., by comparing (re)vegetation indexes to obtain biomass data and by studying wind exposure for turbines, heat flows for geothermal energy, soil moisture for hydrogeology, sun exposure for solar energy, proximity to oceans for wave power, etc.
Describe the business model for your solution and the processing chain for integrating data and creating value-added products for the various beneficiaries.
Devise an application, website or user-friendly platform enabling real-time evaluation of the energy the different players could save by transitioning to the best renewable energy source identified for them based on the facilities in their region.
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Posted on September 19, 2019
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