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must massive users satellite tasking bidding system for programming satellite || ActInSpace Challenges


Present the functions of a shared programming service through a marketing film
Design the visual of an app which would be capable of managing programming from a smartphone
Conduct a market study and produce a viable economic model for the product
Going once, going twice, sold!
Think about the services offered by this type of system and how they would meet the needs of potential customers
MUST: Massive Users Satellite Tasking / Bidding system for programming Satellite


Space system programming is currently highly centralised: it either goes through a central operator or a limited number of partners who share the programming aspects.
CNES has patented an algorithm which enables a large number of users to share the programming of a satellite system. This multi-user programming process leads to the dynamic development of a programming plan: depending on demand, the system reassesses the price and the image acquisition possibilities. Throughout the process, customers decide what role they will play in the programming plan via a bidding system (the higher the demand, the higher the price), until the programming plan has been finalised.


Your challenge is to identify the apps and services related to such a system. You will need to conduct a market study beforehand and think about an economic model that will make the system viable. Create the visual of an app that will be capable of managing shared satellite system programming, or any other type of shared programming (data/service production system): bidding system, alerts in case of rejection/acceptance of the request, image acquisition date and conditions, finalisation of the programming plan, etc. It must be easy to use and accessible to the public via a simple smartphone. Present the various features of your app through a video. Take into account the potential market in order to reach your target customers. Think about which activity sectors might be interested in using this kind of system and reflect on the type of services you might offer in order to meet their needs. Also identify sectors for which the solution is unsuitable (absolute need for images, no room for concessions, etc.).
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