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kalman filter and predictive model for accurate measurement of human activities || ActInSpace Challenges


Imagine innovative new services based on the system and demonstrate their economic viability
Present a mock-up of the application and make a video highlighting the benefits of the system compared to the equipment currently available
Identify the key sectors that could take advantage of this system and draw up a business model
Keep a faithful record of your physical activities!
Go further and imagine an application capable of measuring other physiological parameters. Offer a simple system and identify the target market
Kalman filter and predictive model for accurate measurement of human activities


By combining a Kalman filter adapted to humans and predictive models related to work breakdown structures, CNES has developed software capable of exploiting the data generated by the barometers and pedometers that are now a feature of most connected portable devices (watches, smartphones, fitness bracelets, etc.), to estimate the user’s speed, the number of steps taken, and the slope of the route. The only details to be entered beforehand are the user’s weight and height.

This software system is much more efficient than other applications on the market, simply needing to be installed as an app., and is compliant with the low consumption requirements of this type of equipment. It currently only works for walking or running.


Imagine innovative applications for this system, which is capable of calculating a person’s speed precisely, the distances they travel or even the slope of the routes they follow. Think particularly about areas in which the accuracy of these variables is important (world-class sporting events, records, etc.).

Imagine new services that could be developed using this system (medical monitoring, custom pricing for insurance, geofencing, etc.) and propose new physiological parameters that it would be interesting to monitor, for any new market opportunities you have detected.

Think up an innovative application enabling users to exploit all the potential of the system through new services, and produce a mock-up of this application. Create a business model for it and demonstrate its economic viability.
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