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electromagnetic wave vibrations to measure temperature || ActInSpace Challenges


Assess the size of the major markets and conduct an analysis of the competition
Think about possible fields of application for a fast, inexpensive temperature probe calibration system
Depending on the selected offer and specific uses, identify the benefits for your target users and suggest a price that is in line with the added value
Temperature probes shake up science
Suggest an easy-to-use, ergonomic solution covering all aspects from packaging to smartphone, for industrial or mass-market use
Electromagnetic wave vibrations to measure temperature


CNES has developed a system (FR3057062) capable of measuring temperature to within 1/1000 of a degree (compared with 1/10 of a degree for other systems), based on a cavity (box with specific dimensions) in which electromagnetic waves are emitted through a hollow, semi-rigid tube. The difference in frequency between the cavity’s input and output signals changes in line with the ambient temperature. Unlike conventional measuring systems (thermocouple, platinum probe), this system does not require electric power and can therefore:
- be used in an isolated environment without disturbing atoms,
- be designed using highly resistant materials such as ceramics, and can therefore be used in very aggressive environments and at very high temperatures.


Among the numerous specificities of the solution (accuracy to within 1/1000 of a degree, no electric power, very high resistance, depending on materials used for manufacture), identify potential applications for this temperature measuring system based on a microwave cavity. Think about how temperature might be measured in nuclear cores, in the tanks of food production plants, acid baths, and so on.
Find out more about how temperature sensors are currently calibrated in laboratories and think about the fields and potential applications of a fast, innovative calibration solution which overcomes the complex conditions required in order to reach precise baseline temperatures (such as the melting point of water, for example), by taking full advantage of the system’s ability to measure ambient temperature in an extremely accurate, reliable manner, almost continuously.
Assess the size of the market targeted and conduct an analysis of the competition. Identify the benefits generated by the solution with respect to the various potential applications and suggest an ideal price in line with the proposed added value.
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