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dynamic streetview images displaying conditions in real time || ActInSpace Challenges


Imagine the different features it would enable you to propose and the different business sectors in which it could be used
Imagine an application enabling users to select a stream of specific visual effects, and sketch out intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for it
Build a business model that includes the remuneration of the different data providers and income from new applications
You’ve never seen a street view like this one!
Create a small collection of augmented StreetView visuals to illustrate the different features you have imagined, and highlight the differences with the original images
Dynamic StreetView images displaying conditions in real time


Services such as Google’s StreetView can provide a realistic representation of a physical situation. Nevertheless, this representation is fixed (a single photo) and does not portray the actual local conditions (light conditions, current traffic, etc.) at the time the user consults the service. CNES has developed a system capable of dynamically adapting satellite Earth observation images such as "StreetView" stored in a database, incorporating visual effects (brightness, etc.) and objects (traffic, etc.) from continuous flows of external information, e.g. weather forecasts. The system is capable of augmenting a "StreetView" photo so that it reproduces the reality of the place as faithfully as possible at the actual time the person consults the image.


Think about the innumerable applications for this system for real-time modification/augmentation of "StreetView" images using flows of external data, and identify those that offer the best marketing opportunities. Particular cases could include support when buying or selling real estate, travel support for the disabled, assistance with crime-scene reconstructions during police investigations, and so on.

Specify the data flows that could be used as input for image augmentation and offer greater added value to these services.
Think about the value chain between the providers of satellite images, suppliers of data flows (weather forecasts, traffic, etc.) and the service supplier, etc.

Design a user-friendly application to take advantage of all these possibilities. Imagine its features and its user interfaces. Create examples of screen displays according to the features used and the flow of information received.
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Posted on September 19, 2019
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