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detecting changes for digital mapping || ActInSpace Challenges


Conduct a brief feasibility study for your solution
Design a technical solution based on cartographic data and satellite or aerial images or other types of data
Identify the potential users of a service offering to “detect changes for digital mapping” and the related economic model
Are you sure you know where you’re going?
Think about other services that might be related to the detection of changes for digital mapping
Detecting changes for digital mapping


Data suppliers have internal processes for updating the databases used for digital mapping. For example, the IGN (French national geographic and forestry institute) takes around ten years to gradually review and reissue its map of the entire French territory. Some services rely on contributions from users. In parallel, satellites take photos of the Earth every day.

A system which is capable of comparing those images with existing maps (raster or vector graphics) would be able to determine whether a given area is sufficiently up to date, and perhaps even highlight or describe the changes to be made or create an additional cartographic layer.


To rise to this challenge, you need to think about the potential services related to the detection of changes for digital mapping.

Based on the current technology available, design an innovative solution for detecting changes with respect to existing maps (using vector and/or raster cartographic data, e.g. via the Openstreetmap app (, using aerial satellite images or other images (e.g. via the French Sentinel collaborative ground segment platform - PEPS - operated by CNES ( or the Airbus Defence and Space “OneAtlas Sandbox” data base:
Determine the most promising technology and identify the technological limitations still to be overcome.

Conduct a mini market study (geographic areas, potential customers, level of integration, etc.).
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