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create new concepts of small satellites or payloads for airbus satellites and drones || ActInSpace Challenges


Show the connection to Airbus products (satellites or drones)
Find an easy operational use of your solution
Demonstrate how it will bring value to customers
Invent the future of small satellites or new payloads for Airbus satellites & drones
Highlight what is your competitive advantage, what makes your different
Create new concepts of small satellites or payloads for Airbus satellites and drones


New Space solutions are coming up through small satellites, shared launches, high-tech electronics that actually lower the price of the ticket to Space, such as the 900 satellites of OneWeb constellation connecting the whole Planet.
The drone market is also fastly expanding up to the stratosphere, providing complementary solutions to Space assets.

The evolutions brought by miniaturization and resource sharing have been considered by various SMEs and numerous start-ups have already been created to take advantage of this new age. What is YOUR big opportunity?


Propose new concepts of small satellites or payloads that could be taken on board Airbus satellites or drones, for Earth Observation, Telecommunications, Humanitarian, Security purposes... As an example, you can use the ARROW generic satellite platform derived from OneWeb, to propose new missions and the associated payload(s). The characteristics of this platform can be find enclosed to help the definition of your project.

Define the business case: what are your customers, what are their needs,
what are your revenue streams and cost structure? Find a competitive advantage that makes you so different.
Do not forget that for Space or UAV systems, there is both an On-Board Segment (satellite(s) or drone(s)) and a Ground Segment (control centre, applications, network...) to consider!
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