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collect data without electricity or network even in crisis situation || ActInSpace Challenges


Illustrate the benefits of your solution (diagram, video, etc.)
Think about appropriate communication protocols for collecting data, and potential vehicles depending on context
Identify the various markets which might benefit from this solution and the advantages for everyone
Save life collecting data by satellite without electricity nor communication network by synchronised beacon in emergency crisis
Define the Business Plan which would enable you to market the technology within your fields of application
Collect data without electricity or network, even in crisis situation


Methods that enable precise synchronisation between a large number of transmitters are not sophisticated enough for use in certain civil and military applications (the dispersion of the connected objects means that the availability and reliability of the GPS cannot be guaranteed, weak synchronisation of timers, etc.). CNES has therefore patented a solution (FR3051612) to overcome these problems, using the 50 Hz frequency of the EDF power network at local level. This local reference can be used to cover an entire neighbourhood or an even larger area, and enables the IoT transmitters to synchronise the emissions they send to a given receiver in order to prevent signals from colliding and data loss, even in a disturbed environment. This is a precious characteristic for certain applications, including civil security, site surveillance, locating of victims wearing connected wristbands, etc.


This robust technology was initially designed to operate in areas potentially subject to major environmental disturbances (natural/industrial disasters, etc.), thanks to pre-installed beacons that would transmit signals, so the initial investment cost was set to be very high. Yet this technology could prove useful in other situations.
Your challenge is to identify other markets/applications in which this technology could be used.
Illustrate the benefits of your solution for the target markets you have identified.
Remember to draft a Business Plan to market your solution in the field(s) you have chosen.
To help you tackle this challenge, consult the simplified market study provided by CNES.
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