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circular torsion bars for dynamic isolation of any circular structure || ActInSpace Challenges


Think of possible applications for the solution, for structures that need to be decoupled due to frequency differences
Describe the way this application can be used in the industrial and/or transport sectors
Produce an analysis of target markets, as well as the related business plan
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Present a marketing model of your innovative solution, with visual examples and a punchy message
Circular torsion bars for dynamic isolation of any circular structure


Space launchers sometimes use solid propulsion to assist or constitute a stage. Solid propulsion has its advantages but is not without drawbacks. One potential problem is the fact that thrust oscillations can be generated, causing the entire launcher to vibrate, including its satellite payload. If the vibration environment is unacceptable, one solution is to decouple the excitation source dynamically. CNES has patented a circular adjustment device based on the concept of a torsion bar (FR1750174). The system has several advantages: it enables precise flexibility control by adjusting a set of parameters, it is entirely made of metal and it stabilises the assembly. On a launcher, a system of this type could be inserted between a solid propellant first stage and higher stages.


Try to think of potential innovative applications for an adjustment system specially designed for circular structures.

Investigate its advantages for small or very large structures in the industrial (machines, tanks, etc.) and/or transport (rail, road, maritime, etc.) sectors. Take into consideration the need to isolate elements at different frequency thresholds.

Identify the commercial sectors with the highest potential and present your offer tailored to each one.

Conduct a market study and suggest a business plan for your solution, explaining your choice of target from a financial point of view.
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