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chronometric flash for absolute dating and image synchronisation || ActInSpace Challenges


Produce a 3D film using chronometric dating technology
Present the software solution for implementing a 3D image-capturing feature in image acquisition devices
Identify the market, the limitations and potential customers for your solution
Film, Flash, Synchronise: 3D!
Design an app which would extend your solution to include data from an entire community, and create a network of users
Chronometric flash for absolute dating and image synchronisation


In astronomy, in order to observe certain phenomena, images need to be dated to within one millisecond. For example, such precise dating may enable astronomers to reconstruct phenomena such as the timing of solar eclipses and surveillance of the Earth’s atmosphere (meteorites, space debris, etc.). Existing solutions use electronics to date images, videos or photometric measuring.
CNES has developed an absolute dating solution (EP2926201) based on the triggering of a flash. Through paced illumination (between 1 and 500 milliseconds), the image incorporates a time reference that is precise enough to enable absolute dating of the observations.


Your challenge is to identify new applications for the chronometric dating technology developed by CNES, by integrating it into everyday image acquisition devices such as smartphones. Identify the market, its limitations and the potential customers for this type of product.
Think about the added value of a 3D film by filming an interesting feature with a basic smartphone, using a chronometric flash combined with a chronometric dating system. You can produce a sample film if need be.
Present the software solution that would enable the technology to be integrated into everyday devices, by building on the features they already have (flash included in mobile phones, panoramic cameras, etc.).
Think about the functions of an app that would be capable of using the photometric data provided by the community to create 3D images and videos. Focus on events for which hundreds of films are produced and design services that would enable the creation of a community of users.
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