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choice of telecommunications network || ActInSpace Challenges


Suggest some situations in which the technology could prove its worth
Design an intuitive, user-friendly interface for a technology that enables users to remain connected throughout their journey
Identify the markets in which this technology could be used
Make sure you have a reliable connection everywhere and at all times!
Draw up a business plan to market your system
Choice of telecommunications network


The use of satellite-based telecommunications to provide Internet access on trains has led to the problem of how to overcome the constraints of poor quality service resulting from connection to a given network operator or to loss of signal when switching between operators? To resolve the problem, CNES has patented a technology (EP3143802) that enables users to switch seamlessly between operators while on the move, thus maximising service availability. The system also enables them to choose the best route for travelling between two points on the basis of a new criterion, unrelated to either time or distance: service availability. This information about network availability could be retrieved from the records of other users on an information-sharing model similar to "Waze".


Your challenge is to identify the scenarios, and then the markets, in which the availability of mobile services needs to be guaranteed and made more reliable (e.g. applications for autonomous cars, e-health, sport, drones, etc.), and to explain how the technology could be important, indeed indispensable, in these areas.

Then you must design intuitive, user-friendly interfaces reminiscent of a GPS screen, that will enable users in such circumstances to follow the best route for obtaining maximum quality and never lose their connection to the telecom networks, including when entering or leaving buildings.
Draw up a business plan to market your system in the various scenarios/markets that you have identified.

To respond to this challenge, base your approach on the simplified market study provided by CNES.
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