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Identify the type of the Copernicus data you think is important for building the useful IT application (software)
Create an intelligent software for supporting the effective Copernicus data utilisation
Identify the potential users and application areas for the Copernicus data
Boosting your business with open satellite data
Present your ideas and concepts using the media, IT tools


In the last 30 years, substantial R&D efforts in the field of Earth observation (EO) have been made globally. At EU level, EO activities are coordinated with the Copernicus programme, which is one of the leading providers of open EO data. However, technical barriers currently prevent users from fully exploiting the data and information that Copernicus delivers. The combination of space data with other data sources and technologies open up many business opportunities for all EU member states. Stronger links with the commercial downstream sector are essential to develop tailor-made applications, reach out to new users and connect the space sector with other sectors.


BalticSatApps increases awareness about the data provided by the Copernicus programme, improve access to the data, and stimulate demand and innovation through co-creation and iterative development methodologies (

In this challenge, the main task will be to create the intelligent services based on the open satellite data repositories from the Copernicus platform.
The services can be defined as software applications with mobile clients, full mobile applications or similar database-like IT solutions, in which the Copernicus data can be potentially used for practical purposes in the Baltic Sea region, i.e. in the protection of the environment, climat changes, air and water pollution monitoring, agriculture, cartography, hydrology, risk assesment situation awareness (evacuation management in the critical situations).
The participants will have the full access to the platform using the following link:
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