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Identify which data type(s) is important for the operation of your solution
Propose an action plan with identified key steps to succeed
Identify the potential users of your service and its business model
New Argos: New challenges!
Support your action plan with the media of your choice (Film, PPT, PDF...)
Argos new generation: connecting planet


Since thirty years, thanks to Argos beacons, we were able to locate and collect data for different applications: animal tracking, fishing, oceanography, transportation… Long before Internet of Things, Argos was the Internet of space!
Argos’ operation is based on a satellite constellation which collect beacon’s signals and retransmits them to receiving stations with an average revisit time of approximately one hour. The system is poised to become even more effective with the new Argos project: IoT platform, real time, more data, bidirectional link. To get more information, go to:


As well as providing worldwide coverage for the Internet of Things (IoT), the new Argos will offer the following capabilities: remote location, data collection from sensors (temperature, pressure, etc.), ultra-low-power miniature transmitters. In short, the new Argos embodies the future of the IoT in space.

This challenge consists to forecast the new potential uses of this tool: connected agriculture, connected transport, fight against environmental crime... Identify the potential market and the business model for your service. Identify which data type(s) is important for the operation of your solution. Suggest an action plan for tomorrow’s Argos, identifying the key stages and potential difficulties. Present your action plan in an interactive way.

The company CLS, which has launched this challenge, wishes to develop the ecosystem that will use its data. To this end, if a team decides to create a startup as a follow-on to this challenge, CLS will provide support, especially by providing access to the data in question, in the same conditions as for the launch of a startup. If you have any questions on this topic, please get in touch:
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