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Intelligence for Robotics Space Servicing

Autonomous Robotic System for new Space Servicing Business




In the last two decades, in-orbit services have increasingly gained importance. It addresses the maintenance of space systems (repairing and refuelling) but also in-space manufacturing and assembly that can enable the construction of much larger orbital structures.
Those new capabilities in-orbit gain more momentum with the race to the Moon, Mars and beyond exploration that require assembling huge systems, manufacturing and resupplying partly from in-situ resources.
In-space manufacturing and assembly (ISMA) technologies will also revolutionize the way to design missions and satellites for Earth observation, Telecom and Science. Access to space will always be the bottleneck of the Space Business: the launch is costly, noisy, shaky and very constraining in terms of size, mass and volume. That leads to a global design oversizing to sustain the launch environment. Today, we estimate that only between 15 and 30% of the satellite mass directly generates value or revenues.
ISMA could improve the payload/total mass ratio, missions technical performances (larger size), offer cost savings (mass budget) or increase revenues (lifetime extension) to new missions.


We are at the beginning of a new paradigm that will definitively break the rules and generate huge new business.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to imagine and design a satellite which would be assembled and/or manufactured directly in orbit. In-space robotics as well as manufacturing technologies and processes are under development, so you can already consider them as a reality. Let's focus on the satellite or space system that could benefit from those capabilities!

What does an in-orbit assembled or manufactured satellite look like? Which mission does it enable or improve? What could be the satellite kit to be assembled in orbit? What are the elements pre-integrated on ground or directly manufactured on orbit? What is the ISMA sequence to provide the system?

Want to be a pioneer of a new BIG-Space economy?
Join us, and make the Future a reality!


City registration is open !
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