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Run a DIY moon rover in an almost to real environment




Simulating moon exploration activities in almost to real situation is critical to ensure lunar mission success.
The LunaLab Luxembourg is providing a lunar environment (sand similar in content to what is actually on the Moon) and latest simulation technology for autonomous remotely operated moon exploration activities.


Conceptualize an application that allows to configure rovers to find resources on the moon. The application will allow end users to configure a DIY kit to build their rovers and send it to the LunaLab Luxembourg to operate remote testing from a dedicated interface.

You will be given a technical specification sheet to configure a basic moon rover (but you are free to upgrade).
You'll define a configurator interface that allows to validate moon rovers configuration in accordance to specific lunar mission. The mission in the present case is to find ice on the moon.
You will identify the target audience that will be the most interested to use your application to configure and build moon rovers. Define a business case and build the online product marketing flyer.

In this challenge your team will :
- Conceptualize an application to configure DIY moon rovers
- Specify a moon rover for the mission of finding ice on the moon
- Design the product marketing flyer

The Luxembourg LunaLab representatives will review the project proposals. The best team with a valid moon rover for the mission of finding ice on the moon, will have the privilege to receive a DIY kit and will be invited to test their rover at the Luxembourg LunaLab.

Constraints and main specifications of the Moon Rover :
- Weight <4kg
- Dimensions: 50x50x30cm ( WxLxH)
- Locomotion system: Free (wheels, legs, caterpillar, etc)
- Technology onboard:
- Computers: Maximum 1 Raspberry Pi + GPU system (Jetson TX2, Xavier, Jetson nano)
- Sensors: No rotating LIDAR, only solid state LIDARS. No limitations in other sensors
- Software: It could be processed onboard or remotely
- WiFi communication & ROS compatible

Example: 6wd off road rover kit.html aluminum a4wd2 rover kit.html aluminum a4wd1 mts 12t rover kit rc.html runt rover.html


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