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make humanity space again || ActInSpace Challenges


Create an iterative and incremental Space Exploration Program: Earth Dependent, MoonBase Settlement, Mars Ready
Develop the Envision and draft the overall mission timeline. Detail short term development needs.
Build a business model based on existing and nearly mature products/services. Propose a pricing in line with customer value, creating new economic opportunities.
Imagine an Interplanetary Exploration Program
Connect and share Space Passengers experiences to Earth audience via Internet, social clouds, connected objects...
#Make Humanity Space Again


We are 2020, world has changed dramatically. Massive digital new business, rise of disruptive new space actors, increasing space capabilities with higher payloads... World is high tech, robust and reliant. Space agencies and privates companies are working together in strong win-win relationships. Space tourism is going to be a reality...

But ''2030XT-ION'' near-Earth object has been detected on our radars. Is a massive 10km asteroid, 01% risk impact on Earth in 10 years, on 2030. An impact could lead to life extinction. No specific governmental fundings are allocated to that ''low potential thread'', still need to find disruptive business model to setup a recovery plan. Object can also naturally avoid the Earth, lack of confidence in orbit prediction...

You need to decide what to do: either save the humanity by colonizing a new planet, or trying to avoid the collision. Human species is in your hand, what will you do for us?


Select a unique preferred alternative.

Select a launch system, leave the atmosphere and test space vehicles with multiples people. Settle a MoonBase to experiment space colonization and expansion over few months. Then target Mars as the main destination. Countdown is running, need to re-use as possible existing AIRBUSDS - ESA - CNES capabilities. Connect space pioneers with the Earth population using virtual/augmented reality for live update, education, environment...

Find a way to connect all spaces forces (public and private) to deflect, disrupt or blast the asteroid. Time is going, use current set of available technologies or very mature development projects.
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Posted on September 19, 2019
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