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invent an object that will accompany the next french astronaut aboard the iss || ActInSpace Challenges


Design your object so that it takes full advantage of the specific conditions of the ISS (zero gravity, living conditions of astronauts, etc.)
Design an object that can be packed into an astronaut’s bag (size and weight constraints)
Identify an object that is technically feasible, inexpensive to produce and would be useful to have on board the ISS
Thomas Pesquet’s future lucky charm!
Think about a potential future for the object on Earth, and the way it could have an impact on environmental issues
Invent an object that will accompany the next French astronaut aboard the ISS


Astronauts set off into space with a suitcase full of scientific experiments and personal belongings designed to make the most of their time in orbit. They can choose to bring along objects that will accompany them throughout the voyage and after their return to Earth. Astronauts often select objects that carry meaning or represent their personal values.
The status of these objects is completely different when they return to Earth: thanks to their space voyage, the objects and the cause they defend are available for the whole world to see.


For his next voyage, Thomas Pesquet is keen to bring along an object with an environmental connotation: environmental protection, sustainable development, recycling, etc. Invent the special object that will be launched into space in his suitcase!
This object will live in orbit for several months, alongside an international crew, and be associated with a new stage in space exploration. Life on board the International Space Station (ISS) is unlike life elsewhere: zero gravity, specific daily routine of astronauts, and so on. Bear this in mind, in order to develop an object that will take full advantage of these specific conditions.
Size is limited when it comes to luggage: design an object that takes into account size and weight constraints, so that an astronaut can tuck it into his bag.
Think about the future life of the object once it has returned to Earth (new services, new applications, etc.) and the positive effect it could have on the environmental cause.
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Posted on September 19, 2019
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