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failure is not an option || ActInSpace Challenges


Analysis the requirements (Identify problems, resources, needs…)
Develop a functional and technical specification, define interfaces
Present proof-of-value and business opportunities
Computer-aided anomaly prevention, detection & decision support
Define scope and identify use-cases
Failure Is Not an Option


There is no room for failure in space systems.

However, mistakes can happen e.g. during manufacturing or assembly and anomalies can occur during test and operation.
In such a case a fast and precise root cause analysis is mandatory in order to find the best solution to solve or mitigate the problem.
Ideally anomalies can be totally avoided by an early detection of deviations


The challenge is to develop computer-aided solutions which:
• trace operator tasks in real-time,
• are trained with information from previous anomaly resolutions,
• apply Machine learning, predictive analysis and feature extraction from the collected data
• provide a cognitive system that can understand, reason and learn
• anticipate and reduce anomalies,
• assist and notify operator during assembly for any potential anomaly or defect that could happen based on historical anomalies knowledge base.
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