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Boost your Career in Aerospace!

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Boost your Career in Aerospace!
Posted on May 29, 2018

After 18 years of operations, the TBS Aerospace MBA program is launching a “NewGen” version on October, 2018. Thanks to the accreditation audit[2], the feedback from participants and Alumni, and the relentless input of the industrials and experts involved in the Academic Committee and Steering Committee, it became clear that a new generation of the program had to be launched, such as the A320NEO or the 737MAX! The program remains focused on its core driver: “Management & leadership in the aerospace value chain (aircraft manufacturing OEM, Tier1, Tier2, airport, air transport, aviation, MRO, space)”.

The Aerospace MBA delivers effectively and conveniently a world-class education to experienced managers looking to develop their international management competencies and leadership, to be applied in the aerospace environment. This general executive management program aims at:
•    Providing projects and activities, academic theory, and lectures on leadership,
•    Offering the perfect environment to “learn by doing” and develop confidence to lead with integrity, resilience and empathy.
•    Accompanying participants to become and ethical leader through leadership development activities, to inspire others and to lead 5even in troublesome conditions.

The program stretches over 18 months, enabling a break in-between terms. This design allows participants to get the flexibility they need and to make the choices they want. Thanks to its unique and creative hybrid design, participants will find their suitable pace: either enjoying full immersion experience (“long haul”) or digging dip after taking business breaks in-between modules (“hub”)! Whether in the specialized courses (open to Alumni) or in the more general framework of the program, the pedagogical reconfiguration has been prepared around the learning experience by promoting “peer learning”, “learning by doing” and field visits. Specialized tracks, taking place in different cities, aim at exposing Delegates to current and relevant industry insights and experiences in a mix of classroom interaction and experiential learning. During 10 days, an academic expert is bringing in specialists from the industry/sector to help understanding the complex and rapid changes that are reshaping the marketplace. Visiting a leading organization is part of the Specialized Tracks. The three Specialized Tracks are:
-    Space Business & Applications (in Toulouse)
-    Aviation Management (in Toulouse, or Montréal)
-    Aerospace Value Chain (in Toulouse, or Casablanca)

For more information please visit :

The NEW GEN program at a glance: Learn fundamentals of management, Apply them to Aerospace, Deliver everywhere
•    Located at the core of the biggest and most dynamic Aerospace Region in Europe
•    Toulouse, an international hub for aerospace management
•    A proven record of success with almost 2 decades of experience developing high-performing leaders
•    A strong network in Toulouse and abroad: over 700 Aerospace MBA Alumni, from 80 nationalities working worldwide in aerospace
•    The flexibility to choose a scheduling option that fits your needs
•    Learn how to compete and collaborate in the global economy
•    A collaborative learning environment: “learn in a global classroom”
•    A robust curriculum focused on leadership development and strategic thinking
•    Enable more participants to benefit from the MBA experience
•    Propose coherent and enriched career paths in line with the rapid changes in the market:' specialized paths'
•    Encourage interaction between MBA participants and Alumni
•    Reinforcing the very essence of the program: the international
•    Faculty on board
•    Bringing value to employers
•    Providing tools and engaging insights
•    Learn how to “Leave comfortably your comfort zone”

Last date for application: July 2018
Requirements: A University Degree (min. a Bachelor degree or equivalent professional/non-academic qualifications); A minimum of 5 years professional/work experience; Fluent English (min 7.5 for IELTS, 800 for TOEIC, 600 for TOEFL); GMAT recommended for admission


City registration is open !
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