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ActInSpace and the Space Apps Challenge

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ActInSpace and the Space Apps Challenge
Posted on February 09, 2018

The third edition of ActInSpace is about to get started and this time it’s worldwide! Countries from all corners of the globe are participating, and we’re glad to say that North America is very well represented! CNES and ESA are extremely pleased to welcome the USA in our competition. NewMan’s Business Accelerator is busy organising the event and is also the institution that we can thank for the organisation of the Space Apps Challenge in Silicon Valley, USA and many countries in Europe.

ActInSpace USA will be one of the two biggest events in ActInSpace 2018, with its 15 cities, it shares the spotlight only with the French event. In order to send ActInSpace USA off to a good start, we had an extremely pleasant meeting with the organisers of the Space Apps Challenge in December 2017.

During this time we also had the chance to meet the SWIFT Team, the Macedonian (FYROM) winners of the local Space Apps Challenge, who got the chance to travel to Cape Canaveral. We met them at Solar Tech, and recognised the kind of brilliant young people that were in the SWIFT Team! We are thus entirely certain that ActInSpace USA is in good hands with NewMan’s Business Accelerator, and looking forward to meeting them again!

Written by Aerospace Valley on behalf of ESA BIC Sud France


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